Wagga Wagga Fencing Club - Because it's fun to stab your friends!
Wagga Wagga Fencing Club Calendar 2017 
(Still under construction, awaiting confirmation of more NSW FA, AAF and ACT  dates)

On the dates that say last training; this referrers to classes, the Club sessions will run through the school holidays unless otherwise notified.
December 2016
10 Dec                    Intra-Salle
14 Dec                    Last training for 2016
11 Jan                      Club starts back
25 Jan                      No Fencing; Hall unavailable
1 Feb                      First Wed Class
4 Feb                      First Sat Class
12 Feb                     Novice+Veteran season opener
19 Feb                     Roberta Nutt U/11, U/13, U/15 F E S
11                            No Saturday classes because of Canberra
11&12 Mar             ACT Open
???                         ACT Tri-State
5 Apr                     Last Class for term 1
26 Apr                    First Class for term 2
28 May                  U/15 State FES
10 Jun                    Mini Series; U/9 ->U/13  Epee
11 Jun                    Mini Series: U/9 ->U/13 Foil + Sabre
17+18 Jun              National School Teams
18 Jun                    Novice+Veteran; FES
24 Jun                    Intra-Salle
28 Jun                    Last Class for Term 2
19 Jul                     First Class for  Term 3
12+13 Aug              National School Individual C'Ships
20 Aug                   Novice+Veteran; FES
20 Sep                    Last Class for Term 3
23+24 Sep               Riverina Championships
11 Oct                     First Class for Term 4
14 Oct                     Mini Series; U/9 ->U/13  Epee
15 Oct                    Mini Series: U/9 ->U/13 Foil + Sabre
29 Oct                    Open Clubs
12 Nov                   Novice State, Veteran State
2 Dec                     Intra-Salle
8-12 Dec                Australian C'Ships
13 Dec                   Last Class for 2017
January 2018

Please note that these are some of the competitions available through out the year. Should a club member wish to compete at any comp please check with Julian to make sure everything is good to go.
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