Wagga Wagga Fencing Club - Because it's fun to stab your friends!
Tony Domingues Trophy
Awarded to the best Wagga fencer at the Riverina Championships
(Tony Domingues was Julian's first coach and did a lot for fencing in Wagga in the 70's and 80's. He was still competing in the Masters games until his death in 2009. He was reguarded as one of the true gentlemen of the sport)
2010 Riley Burke
2011 Jacob Hillis-Skerry
2012 Annie Kennedy and Krystal Cheesley
2013 Emmet Marks
2014 Ashley Collinson
2015 Napuni Hapangama
2016 Laney Hardwick
2017 Genevieve Schutte
Overall Results: 
(Only recent and current members are featured)

Riley Burke:   State Champion Novice Foil  2007
2010 Riverina Championships 1st Open Sabre, 2nd Open Foil
2011 Riverina Championships 1st Open Foil. 
2012 Riverina Championships 2nd Open Foil, 2nd Open Sabre
Kim Manton:  
2007 ACTFA Canberra Tournament, Novice Women's' Foil, 3rd.
2008 NSW Fencing Women's Novice of the Year; ACTFA Canberra Tournament, Novice Women's' Foil, 3rd.
2009 Riverina Fencing Championships, Open Women's' Foil, 2nd
2010 ACTFA Canberra Tournament, Open Women's  Sabre, 1st; Riverina Championship, Open Women's' Foil, 1st Open Women's' Sabre, 1st
2011 ACTFA Canberra Tournament, Open Women's' Sabre, 3rd
2012 Riverina Championship, Open Women's' Sabre, 3rd
Alice Quinn: 2010 Novice State Foil 2nd, U/13 State Foil 3rd. selected in NSW U/13 team to NZ, ACT Novice Foil 1st
2011 ACT Novice Foil 3rd
Nipuni Hapangama: 2013 Riverina 2nd Women's Novice Foil, 2nd Women's U/13 Foil. 
2013 Friendship Cup U/13 Epee team Gold, 2nd U/13 Women's Epee
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